As The Wicked Burn Below

by In Chasms Deep

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Rajitha Senarathne
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Rajitha Senarathne Just like their first album, this Ep is one Sick, dark, evil and beautiful masterpiece. I don't want to rate this, because i know i can give 10/10 without a doubt. Lyrics, melodies, musical arrangements....etc: is perfect. and i really like the way these guys keep the streak going. from their first first Demo they manage to keep the same atmosphere and I really like it <3 and waiting for more ;) <3 Favorite track: Hoard of Riches (ft. Ben Duerr of Shadow Of Intent).


Dedicated to those who walk the line between shadow and flame.

As The Wicked Burn Below is the 3rd release from In Chasms Deep. Centered around what Dante considered 4 of the greatest sins: Lust, Greed, Anger, and Violence.


released March 31, 2017

Guest vocals on track 4 by Ben Duerr.

All music written and produced by Lukas Marr.



all rights reserved


In Chasms Deep Atlanta, Georgia

Blackened filth.

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Track Name: Our Queen, Depravity
Snaring the weak with her devilish curse.
The queen of depravity issues her verse.

“Come with me fiends, my children of lust.
Enraptured in visions of glorious trust”

Mind now gone, the weak belong to her evermore.
Taken, forsaken, the mother of lies.
Ere undone, eternal death now blot out the sun.
Naked, awaken, to her chamber cries.

The dark one’s temptation shall manifest pain.
Brought to the altar, the ritual demands.

Mind now gone, the weak belong to her ill embrace
Taken, forsaken, the demon of lies.
Ere undone, eternal death now blot out the pain
Naked, awaken, to her callous cries.

All light is gone, the candles snuffed out.
All that remains, is the gateway to hell.
Track Name: Murderous Existence
"I just can't take no pleasure in killing"

"There's just some things you gotta do. Don't mean you have to like it"
Track Name: Hoard of Riches (ft. Ben Duerr of Shadow Of Intent)
Hoard of Riches, lay before.
I'll take this treasure to the grave.
Its mine alone, I guard this hole.
I'll murder all who seek to steal.

Burning fire invokes the soul
I'll scorch the living to the bone

Among the ruined, greatest hall
I rot before my idol pure
Whence my flame burns down to not
I'll raze this place into the ground

In the fire your death awaits

Hoard of Riches, reduced inferno
I'll take this treasure down to my grave
Hoard of Riches, reduced inferno
You will never see the sunlight.
Track Name: When Wrath Brings Damnation
"I am the Devil, and I am here to do the Devil's work"

Once upon a pale moon rising.
Ere return my loathsome waiting.

Once again a black moon frightening.
It begins, they lie in hiding.

Now appears a hooded stranger.
Knife brandished, purpose unknown.

One foul blow my life is ended.
Pact between the devil and I.

Give me strength to slay my foes.
My life for revenge, anger, hatred.
Devotee towards pain and hate.
I'll end it all just give me this.

Armed with possession, all die by my hand.
When my blade drips with blood, this is only the start.

When wrath brings damnation, Eternally mine.

When all has been done and my purpose fulfilled.
I turn my knife inward, I'm ready for rest.

Yet all that I find when my flesh has been torn.
Is an anger towards he who won't let loose my soul.

When Wrath Brings Damnation, Eternally mine.

"He will never get away. His pain won't end"
Track Name: Death Throes
"Dad was such a drag. Every day he'd eat the same kind of food, dress the same, sit in front of the same kind of games.

Yeah, he was just that kind of guy. But then one day, he goes and kills us all. He couldn't even be original about the way he did it.

I'm not complaining, I was dying of boredom anyway, But guess what?

I will be coming back, and I'm bringing my new toys with me"